NAFION® is a DuPont Trademark for its perfluorosulfonic acid polymer. The polymer has cation exchange properties and has excellent chemical stability similar to TEFLON®. Unlike TEFLON® however, it adsorbs and swells in water due to the sulfonic acid terminated side chains on the fluoropolymer backbone:

It has a wide variety of applications: from battery separators, to strong acid catalysis, to artificial muscles. NAFION® is available from Ion Power in pellet, liquid dispersion, and membrane form. Since 1999, Ion Power has been DuPont's officially appointed world-wide NAFION® distributor.

NAFION® Products

  • Membranes - From thin, high performance fuel cell membranes to tough reinforced membranes for punishing industrial conditions.

  • Dispersions - NAFION® polymer is dispersed in solvents, used for coatings.

  • Pellets - NAFION® PFSA Superacid Resin is a bead-form, strongly acidic resin developed for heterogeneous acid catalysis in a wide variety of organic reactions.

Ion Power Manufactured Products

  • LIQUion® - These alcohol based solutions contain dissolved NAFION® resins and are one of the most finely dispersed solutions available. This allows for superior mixing of the NAFION® polymer with your application.

  • Catalyst Coated Membranes - Ion Power manufactures NAFION® membranes with catalyst coatings for fuel cells or water electrolysis. We will work with small research lots or large, cost effective commercial volumes.

  • Ion Power's newest products include: LITHion® dispersions, VANADion® membranes, and NAFION® powder.

  • Custom NAFION® Products - Our expert, PhD-level technical staff are here to help with your application.

      • Custom catalyst coatings.
      • Versatile pilot scale manufacturing equipment.
      • Non-disclosure agreements are routine, your intellectual property will be protected.

SGL Carbon SIGRACET® Products

Gas Diffusion Layers (GDLs) are "graphitized" carbon fiber based non-wovens or papers. GDLs are specifically designed to transport reactant gases into, and excess liquid product water out of, the electro-catalyst layers of Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells.

Ion Power has chosen SGL SIGRACET® graphite GDLs because they are cost-effective and deliver excellent results.