About Ion Power

As experts in NAFION®, Ion Power develops, manufactures, and distributes value-added products containing DuPont NAFION® PFSA materials. Our proprietary processes and patents allow us to deliver quality membrane electrode assemblies containing NAFION® materials to the fuel cell and water electrolyzer markets.

Ion Power aggressively researches and develops all applications for NAFION®. We continue to support the needs of our customers and anticipate future applications and market demands for NAFION® materials.

Ion Power, Inc was founded in 1999 by Stephen Grot, Ph.D to promote the use of NAFION®. Ion Power has developed a patented technology for the manufacture of membrane electrode assemblies for use in hydrogen or reformate fuel cells. Utilizing over 60 years of combined industrial experience with NAFION®, our process delivers ultra thin (less than 30 microns) low resistance, durable and consistently high performing MEAs for PEM fuel cell applications. In addition to our unique fuel cell MEA process, we offer high performance catalyzed membranes for use in water electrolyzers.

Ion Power is a worldwide distributor of DuPont NAFION® PFSA materials in pellet, finished membrane, or dispersion forms. Our inventory process is designed for quick shipment. You will find the widest range of NAFION® products. We have over 15 different types of membranes available from stock to custom sizes.

Ion Power is actively engaged in private and government sponsored research and development activities to improve fuel cell component performance. Additionally, we are conducting research on a variety of non-fuel cell related applications that use NAFION® PFSA materials for the industrial and military markets.

You are welcome to contact us for information on these activities and how Ion Power can help with your application development. Visit our NAFION® Store for pricing, availability, and easy ordering.