NAFION® Tubing

Ion Power can also manufacture the N324 and N424 fabric re-inforced membranes into tubes and bags; this is formed by a special heat sealed seam that causes the membrane to be joined. The resulting tube or bag allows the customer to form cylindrical reactors and electrodes. For example, the cathode electrode and compartment is inside the tube and the anode cylindrical electrode is outside of the membrane tube.

NAFION® tubing is used for the following:

  • Chromic acid regeneration process
  • Manufacture of plating chemicals such as potassium gold cyanide: KAu(CN)2
  • Electroplating industrial applications
  • Electrowinning of metals
  • Simple electrolytic cells
  • Dryers and humidifiers

NAFION® offers proven electrochemical properties and can be fabricated into bags and tubing from 3 cm diameter and greater.

NOTE: If you need small diameter NAFION® tubing, we highly recommend Perma Pure. They offer tubing from OD 0.033" to 0.108".

NAFION® Tube Praying Hand Seam 2x

Chromic Acid Regeneration:

The use of chromic acid in many industrial processes results in spent acid that contains cationic contaminants and trivalent chromium. One such process is chromic acid plating solutions.

An attractive method of treating spent acid streams is electrochemical regeneration. The goal is anodic oxidation of trivalent to hexavalent chromium and transfering cationic contaminants (Cu, Fe, etc.) into the cathode compartment.

In some special conditions, a cylindrical cell design using NAFION® tubing offers distinct advantages. This design can be used in a laboratory scale or a larger scale.

  • The external anode has more surface area than the membrane and the cathode. This results in low anode current density which promotes high anode efficiency
  • The centrally located cathode compartment can be easily removed for cleaning

Electrowinning of metals:

NAFION® tubes are used as a separator in this application. One particular use is in the electro-extraction of gold.

Separation is vital to preventing interaction of the oxidants during cathodic deposition of the metal.

NAFION® Tube Overlap Seam

PDF download for simplified schematic showing NAFION® tubing application using N-424 membrane: N-424 Reactor