Nafion™ N438, Teflon™ Fabric Reinforced


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  • is a new product in the 400 series family

  • has a new PTFE monofilament reinforcement with high strength but flatter profile than Nafion™ N424

  • It is also expected that edge leakage will be reduced and expansion characteristics will be more uniform

  • represents the state-of-the art in fabric reinforced cation exchange membranes

  • Membrane Type: N438

  • Product cut to dimension +/- 1% at 50% RH*


  • Nafion™ N438 is shipped in the “DRY” H+ form. “DRY” H+ membranes require simple pre-treatment in alkaline water. Refer to Nafion™ Technical Bulletin No. 93-01 for “DRY” H+ membrane pre-treatment.

  • More Information:  Safety Data Sheet

  • Technical Information available upon request.

To ensure optimum performance of Nafion™ N438 in a commercial electrolyzer, please contact Ion Power, GmbH.

Note: The side marked CATH must be installed facing the cathode, otherwise, the membranes will be irreversibly damaged in use.

*Please Contact Us For Custom Dimensions here.

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0.30 x 0.30 m


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