POWDion™ Soluble, -200 Mesh (Grams)




POWDion™ Soluble -200 Mesh

More Information: Safety Data Sheet

1-50 grams for $55.00/gram

About POWDion™:

POWDion™ is a fine powder made from the NAFION™ perfluorosulfonic acid polymer. POWDion™ comes in a soluble form or an insoluble form. The soluble POWDion™ has an amber color and has the ability to be dissolved using a variety of polar protic solvents such as Isopropanol, Methanol, or Ethanol at polymer concentrations up to 30 wt% polymer, other solvents may also be used. Insoluble powders are white in color and cannot be dissolved with polar protic solvents under normal conditions. Standard particle sizes for POWDion™ include -40+60-mesh, -60-mesh, and -200-mesh. Please note that Insoluble POWDion™ is only available in -40+60-mesh and -60-mesh particle sizes

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