Tubes Made From Nafion™ Membranes


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  • 3/4″ wide overlap seam

  • Tubes or Bags can be made by sealing the end of the tube

  • Diameters greater than 2″ are available! Please contact our office.

  • Seam lengths up to 48″

  • Tubes can be made from Nafion™ N438, N324, or N424 membranes

For Nafion™ based permeation tubing and gas conditioning systems smaller than what we offer, please visit! For larger sizes, contact our office!

Safety Data Sheet, Technical Bulletin

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2" Diameter, 10 cm length, 2" Diameter, 20 cm length, 2" Diameter, 30 cm length, 2" Diameter, 40 cm length, 2" Diameter, 50 cm length, 2" Diameter, 60 cm length


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